Toy Bryson

Toy Bryson is an antagonist in 5 Nights At The Pizza Place 2. He is an animatronic set to roam the pizzeria to make sure nobody breaks in during the night, from 12AM to 6AM.


Toy Bryson resembles The Bryson Animatronic from the original game, although Toy Bryson has rosy, red cheeks and a red stripe on his top hat, with no direct jaw piece.


Toy Bryson becomes active on Night One, and will stay active for the rest of the game, and moves after Toy Jalyssa and Toy Claudia move.


Toy Bryson follows this path: Show Stage > Main Dining Area > Main Hallway > Party Room 2 > Office Hallway > The Office.


  • He is the only toy animatronic to be the most similar to their original counterpart.
  • He is based off Toy Freddy from Five Nights At Freddy's 2.
  • Unlike Toy Freddy, he has a longer route then Toy Freddy.