The Phantom Sockmonkey is an antagonist in 5 Nights At The Pizza Place 3. He is a ghost sought for revenge against The Monster.


The Phantom Sockmonkey looks like as he did in the second game, but with his left arm is a stub, and is black-orangish.


The Phantom Sockmonkey becomes active on Night Five, and will appear in the "Toy Remembrance Room", and if the player does not switch cameras fast enough, he will fill up the screen, and stare at the player, causing a visual error.


The Phantom Sockmonkey does not have a direct path, only appearing briefly on the "Toy Remembrance Room", before filling up the screen.


  • He is one of the only antagonists to not have some kind of jumpscare.
  • He is based off of Phantom Puppet from Five Nights At Freddy's 3.
  • He is not shown anywhere else, other then himself in the "Toy Remembrance Room". No salvaged items of him are shown.