Night Two is the second night in 5 Nights At The Pizza Place. In this night, The Claudia Animatronic becomes more active, and The Steven Animatronic is officially introduced.

Phone CallEdit

"Hello? Oh, hey bud, I told you that Night One wouldn't be a problem! Um, you saw that camera with the pirate kid, right? He, He's Steven. He is a bit special in the since that he, um, he REALLY doesn't like being watched, and he moves more when he's not being watched. Now, there have been reports of Steven banging on the door when he gets thus far, and it's known to drain power, but I wouldn't worry. As long as you watch him, he won't bother you. Um, Bryson, he wouldn't really move in light areas, and he would most likely come after you in the dark. So, don't run out of power. Yeah, you know The Jalyssa and Claudia animatronics, right? Jalyssa on the left, Claudia on the right. So, yeah, this should be like any normal night, but I have to hang up now. Call ya later. Bye."


This night is like Night One, however Claudia is more active, and Steven is introduced on this night. Check on Steven every now and then, and close the doors if you have to.


  • Steven is introduced on this night.
  • Claudia is more active on this night.
  • Jalyssa is a bit more active on this night.