Night Four is the fourth night in 5 Nights At The Pizza Place. The Lucas Animatronic becomes very active from this night on.

Phone CallEdit

"Hello? Hello, um, you are doing really good now! F-Fourth night, congratulations! Um, my manager, Bryson Stanley himself, he said he, *clears throat* 'accidentally' bumped a deformed Bryson suit into a vat of yellow paint, so, yeah. You might want to watch out for him as well. Um, there isn't much news, but, just, watch out for those cams, because the robot s were acting up a bit, and they might become more aggressive. Anyway, talk to you tomorrow."


The strategy for this night is the same as the last night, but check the important cameras more.


  • This night is the first night to have all animatronics active.
  • It is also the most common night for players to see The Lucas Animatronic.