The Lucas Animatronic

The Lucas Animatronic is an antagonist in 5 Nights At The Pizza Place. Unlike the other animatronics, he is a hallucination.


The Lucas Animatronic resembles a 8-10 year old male child with a dark blue top hat and bowtie. He has no eyes, and is yellow in color. He wears a blue coat and black jeans.


The Lucas Animatronic is most active on Night Four, but is also active on all the other nights.


The Lucas Animatronic follows this path: Men's Restrooms > West Closet > Show Stage > Drawings Area > The Office.


  • He has the most random path of any animatronic.
  • He resembles Golden Freddy from Five Nights At Freddy's.
  • However, unlike Golden Freddy, he does not need to meet any requirements to be spawned.