The Claudia Animatronic

The Claudia Animatronic is an antagonist in 5 Nights At The Pizza Place. She is set to roam the pizzeria from 12AM to 6AM to make sure that nobody breaks in during the night.


The Claudia Animatronic resembles a 10-12 year old female child wearing a bib that says "Let's Eat!" She also wears a yellow shirt and black jeans. She has blond hair, and yellow eyes. She holds a cupcake in her hand for most of the game.


The Claudia Animatronic is a very active animatronic, and becomes active on Night One. However, she cannot kill the player on Night One.


The Claudia Animatronic follows this path: Show Stage > Dining Area > Women's Restrooms > Kitchen > East Hall > Drawings Area > The Office.


  • She holds her cupcake for most of the game, but the creator claims that after she goes through the Kitchen, the cupcake wanders off on his own.
  • She resembles Chica from Five Nights At Freddy's.
  • She is the only animatronic to have a living stage object.