The Bryson Animatronic

The Bryson Animatronic is the main antagonist of 5 Nights At The Pizza Place. He is set to roam the pizzeria to make sure no one breaks in during the night, from 12A.M. to 6A.M. He is the lead singer of the Bryson's Pizzeria Band.


The Bryson Animatronic resembles a 10-12 year old male child wearing a top hat and bowtie. He wears a brown coat and black jeans. He has brown hair, with blue eyes. He also has a microphone in hand for the entirety of the game.


The Bryson Animatronic does not move for the first two (2) nights, but will become active on Night Three (3). He tends to move when the cameras are down. He moves after the Jalyssa and Claudia Animatronics move.


The Bryson Animatronic will follow this set path: Show Stage > Dining Area > Men's Restroom > Kitchen > East Closet > East Hall > Drawings Area > The Office


  • He tends to act like Freddy Fazbear from Five Nights At Freddy's.
  • He will produce a sound reminiscent of a church bell when he is near.
  • He is the only animatronic in the game to carry his stage object everywhere